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Clients and partners of WE Certification are device, chipset or modem manufacturers, test laboratories, test system vendors or technology developers needing services ranging from a punctate certification or verification expertise to a holistic responsibility of certifying a device or a solution according to operator or other customer requirements.

WE Certification is actively following up and participating in new cellular technology development work and will constantly develop its service portfolio accordingly to offer transparent, lean, cost efficient and innovate ways to do certifications regardless of the size of the customer. So if you are manufacturing phones, tablets, modems, hotspots, embedded Modules, laptops, connected Consumer devices, M2M-devices, IoT products etc. WE can help you to Access market -Together

WE Certification believes that by always reliable and secure communication between WE and Customers the outcome is the best. Let WE tailor the optimal solution to your certification need with our  high quality, customer oriented approach.