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Welcome to WE Certification!

WE Certification is a new kind of certification company specializing in GCF and PTCRB certifications, or operator certifications as WE like to call them. WE are born from the idea that the operator certifications can be done faster, with less cost, and with less risk while retaining or enhancing the quality of the process.

WE have all necessary accreditations and approvals to perform your operator certification, including ISO9001, ISO17025 and PTCRB Accreditations. WE are also GCF ACE and RTO. Our competent certification specialists have long experience in the industry and WE know what it takes to get your devices through the process optimally while making sure that it meets the expectations of the industry, operators, and this way the end users. WE believe that knowledge is the key and are actively participating to certification industry activities and making sure WE always are equipped with the latest knowledge thereby looking after your devices are certified the optimal way.

WE also believe that key for successful operator certification is not only knowing the certifications but equally important is knowing You. Complex or streamlined, one product or many, big or small, WE can find the certification solutions optimal for your product. Proven by the experience from hundreds of successful certifications our specialists will find the optimal way to get your device into the hands of your customers’.



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